1 Gypsy Woman Crystal Waters
2 Rockin’romance Joy Salinas
3 Everybody Fpi Project
4 Keep on running Milli Vanilli
5 This is your life Banderas
6 How gee Black Machine
7 Sadeness part I Enigma
8 We need freedom Antico
9 We gotta do it Zappalà
10 Keep on jammin’ Stefano Secchi
11 Move your feet 49 Ers
12 Gonna catch you Lonnie Gordon
13 Ice ice baby Vanilla Ice
14 Everybody’s free Rozalla
15 James Brown Is Dead L.A. Style
16 Touch me Cathy Dennis
17 7 Ways to love Cola Boy
18 Gonna make you sweat C & C Music Factory
19 Let me hear you say yeah Pka
20 Such a good feeling Brother in rhythm
21 Pull Over Speedy J
22 Revolution DJ Molella
23 Faith (In the power of love) Rozalla
24 The colour of love Snap
25 Tetris Game Boys
26 Finally Ce Ce Peniston
27 Anasthasia T99
28 Just get up and dance Afrika Bambataa
29 Move your love DJ H. Feat Stefy
30 What would we do DSK
31 Let’s go Fpi Project