L’ordine della seguente classifica è un mix tra i successi dell’epoca secondo i ricordi dell’autore del sito,
e i brani attualmente ricordati, quindi ballati, dalla gente comune.

(NB: Alcuni brani sono ascoltabili sulla playlist pubblica “Dance 1993” della mia pagina Spotify)


1)Haddaway – What is love
2)Ace Of Base – All that she wants
3)Freddie Mercury -Livin’on my own
4)Vasco Rossi – Delusa Rmx
5)Robin’S – Show me love
6)Culture Beat – Mr. Vain
7)2 Unlimited – No limit
8)Nightcrawlers -Push the feeling on
9)Haddaway – Life
10)DJ H feat. Stefy – We love it
11)Datura – Eternity
12)DJ Miko -What’s up
13)Urban Cookie Collective -To key the secret / Feels like heaven
14)Captain Hollywood Project – More and more
15)Robin’S – Luv 4 Luv
16)B.G. The Prince Of Rap – Can’t we get enough
17)Ice Mc – Take away the colour
18)Cappella – U got to let the music
19)DJ Molella – Confusion
20)U96 – Love sees no colour
21)Fargetta – Music
22)Beloved – Sweet harmony
23)Gabrielle – Dreams Rmx
24)Stefano Secchi feat. Taleesa – A brighter day
25)Capricorn – 20Hz
26)Louchie Lou – Rich girl
27)Joy Salinas – Bip bip
28)Bliss Team – People have the power
29)Digital Boy – Crossover
30)DJ Bobo – Somebody dance with me
31)Culture Beat – Got to get it
32)2 Unlimited – Faces
33)Ramirez – Terapia
34)U.s.u.r.a. – Tear it up
35)Datura – Devotion
36)Jestofunk – Can we live
37)2 Unlimited – Tribal dance
38)Ramirez – El gallinero
39)Mato Grosso – Jungle
40)Loft – Summer Summer
41)Shamen – Comin’on (Rmx)
42)Culture Beat – Anything
43)Onda Del Futuro – Terra
44)Leila K – Open sesame
45)Fargetta – Your love
46)Joy Salinas – Hands off
47)Aladino – Make it right now
48)Steam System – Barraca destroy
49)Dance II Trance – Power of american natives
50)883 – Nella notte (Rmx)
51)Silvia Coleman – All right
52)Fishbone Beat – Je le fais express (Satisfy)
53)Deadly Sins – We are going on down
54)Nikita – Eterna, divina
55)T.h.k. – Feels so good
56)DJ Dero – Batucada
57)Illusive – U know it’s good
58)Dirty Mind – Mamamelo
59)Double You – Part-time lover
60)Captain Hollywood Project – Only with you
61)Mephisto – Keep on groovin’
62)Captain Hollywood Project – Impossible
63)Valencia No Existe – Heaven’s rave
64)Intermission – Piece of my heart
65)Copernico – Good morning
66)DJ Bobo – Take control
67)Joy Salinas – People talk
68)Mato Grosso – Love
69)Dynamic Base – Africa
70)Hocus Pocus – Hocus Pocus / Here’s Johnny
71)U2 – Lemon Rmx
72)Jinny – Feel the rhythm
73)Virtualismo – Cosmonautica
74)General Base – Apache
75)Snap – Do you see the light
76)F.p.i. Project – Come on and do it
77)Ramirez – Orgamico
78)Humanize – Do you know my name
79)Dance Or Die – Satisfy
80)KK – Talkin’about
81)House Of Pimps – Get the hook
82)Technotronic – Hey, yoh here we go
83)DJ Cerla – Mi boca
84)F.R. Connection – Listen up
85)Pan Position – Elephant pow
86)Moratto – La pastilla del fuego

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