1 The rhythm of the night Corona
2 Sweet dreams La Bouche
3 The rhythm is magic Marie Claire D’Ubaldo
4 Think about the way Ice Mc
5 Saturday night Whigfield
6 The summer is magic Playahitty
7 Move on baby Cappella
8 Right in the night Jam & Spoon
9 Eins, zwei, polizei Mo-Do
10 Dreams (Will come alive) 2 Brothers On The 4th Floor
11 The sign Ace Of Base
12 Tonight is the night Le Click
13 It’s a rainy day Ice Mc
14 Automatic Sex Dr. Einstein Deejay
15 Animalaction Paraje
16 Point of no return Centory
17 The mountain of king Digital Boy feat. Asia
18 This time (sexy night) Fargetta
19 Another day Whigfield
20 U got to let the music Cappella
21 Gam Gam Mauro Pilato & Max Monti
22 Pupunanny Afrika Bambataa
23 Stay with me Da Blitz
24 Hymn Caballero
25 Pass the toilet paper The Outhere Brothers
26 I like to move it Real 2 Real
27 Brothers in the space Aladino
28 Short dick man 20 Fingers
29 Change Molella
30 Fade to grey Datura
31 Get a way Maxx
32 Crazy man Blast
33 La pastilla del fuego Moratto
34 Only saw today Amos
35 Bomba Ramirez
36 Let me be Da Blitz
37 U & Me Cappella
38 Take my breath away Silvia Coleman
39 Sunshine after the rain New Atlantic
40 Move it up Cappella
41 Drive me crazy U.s.u.r.a.
42 Elektro Woman Dr. Einstein Deejay
43 I wish you Lies In A Box
44 Dance (if you can not) Alter Ego feat. Daisy Dee
45 Get on up Giorgio Prezioso
46 Somewhere over the rainbow Marusha
47 Yo te siento asì G.e.m.
48 The real thing Tony Di Bart
49 Let me be free 2 Brothers On The 4th Floor
50 All aboard Ava & Stone
51 One more time Jinny
52 Love is the answer Systematic
53 Look who’s talking Dr. Alban
54 Feel it Carol Bailey
55 The real thing 2 Unlimited
56 Don’t stop Outhere Brothers
57 Let the beat control your body 2 Unlimited
58 Strange love Kina
59 Close to you (Rmx) Fun Factory
60 Bye bye baby Ava & Stone
61 Light my fire Club House feat. Carl
62 La fuerza pagana Moratto
63 Big time sensuality Bjork
64 Waterfall Atlantic Ocean
65 The 7th allucination Datura
66 Move your body Anticappella
67 Welcome to tomorrow Snap
68 Dreamer Livin’Joy
69 Hyper hyper Scooter
70 Rush to the moon Baffa
71 Good fun Bass Bumpers
72 It’s a loving thing C.B. Milton
73 Doop Doop
74 Take me to heaven Nevada
75 In the ghetto David Morales
76 Body in motion Atlantic Ocean
77 Somebody to love Baffa
78 Run to me Double You
79 Go! Bliss Team
80 Sail away Urban Cookie Collective
81 Promise No Name
82 No more (I can’t stand it) Maxx
83 My body DJ H Feat. Stefy
84 It’s all right Jo Smith
85 Hold on C.B. Milton
86 Dig it all beat! Digital Boy
87 All I want is you Quasimodo
88 Do you know Black & White
89 Why can’t you see La Fortuna
90 Ride on a meteorite Antares
91 If you wanna be (my only) Orange Blue
92 Don’t be shy Jamie Dee
93 Sex drive Glam feat. Pete Burns
94 Take me to your heart Humanize
95 Take it to the limit Centory
96 You belong to me Antares
97 I found luv Taleesa
98 You make me feel good J.K.
99 Sing, oh Marvellous Melodicos
100 The colour of my dreams B.G. The Prince of Rap
101 Do it Tony Di Bart
102 Pyramid Mato Grosso
103 Son of a gun JX
104 That’s the way you do it The Purple Kings
105 Wet J.T. Company