L’ordine della seguente classifica è un mix tra i successi dell’epoca secondo i ricordi dell’autore del sito, e i brani attualmente ricordati dalla gente comune


1)Everything But The Girl – Missing (Todd Terry Rmx)
2)Alexia – Me And You
3)Netzwerk – Memories
4)Double You – Dancing with an angel
5)Dana Dawson – 3 is a family
6)Jam & Spoon – Find me / Angel
7)Jamiroquai – Space Cowboy (Rmx)
8)De’Lacy – Hideway
9)Rednex – Cotton-eye Joe
10)Alex Party – Wrap me up
11)Bobby Brown – 2 Can play that game
12)Corona – Baby baby
13)Tipical – The colour inside
14)Playahitty – 1,2,3 (Train with me)
15)John Scatman – Scatman
16)J.T. Company – Feel it (In the air)
17)La Bouche – Be my lover
18)Indiana – All I need is love
19)The Original – I luv u baby
20)Me And My – Dub I Dub
21)Sons Of Ilsa – I’m a raver baby
22)Billie Ray Martin -Your loving arms
23)Corona – Try me out
24)Duke – So in love with you
25)Sin With Sebastian – Shut up
26)Club House feat. Carl – Nowhere land
27)20 Fingers – Lick it
28)Datura & Usura – Infinity
29)The Bucketheads – The bomb
30)Da Blitz – Take me back
31)Whigfield – Think of you
32)Quadran – Eternally
33)N-Trance – Stay’in alive
34)Bliss Team -Hold on to love
35)Alex Party – Don’t give me your life
36)Snap -The first, the last, eternity
37)Livin’Joy – Dreamer
38)A.d.a.m. feat. Amy – Zombie
39)Double You -Because I’m loving you
40)Netzwerk -Passion
41)2 Brothers on The 4th Floor -Fly
42)Ziggy Marley – The power to move ya
43)Da Blitz – Movin’on
44)Corona – I don’t wanna be a star
45)Tipical – Round and around
46)740 Boyz – Shimmy shake
47)Captain Hollywood Project – Flying high
48)Club House feat. Carl – All by myself
49)Ruffneck – Everybody be somebody
50)John Scatman – Scatman’s world
51)Sandy – Bad boy
52)Real Mc Koy – Another night
53)Cappella – Tell me the way
54)Po.Lo. -I want you
55)DJ Cerla & Moratto – Wonder
56)Gala – Everyone has inside
57)Frank'”O” Moiraghi – Feel my body
58)Human Groove – Your brain is mine
59)2 Brothers on the 4th Floor – Come take my hand
60)Strike – U sure do
61)Mauro Pilato e Max Monti – Clap clap
62)Datura – Angeli domini
63)Baby D. – Let me be your fantasy
64)U.s.u.r.a. – Spaceman
65)E-Type – This is the way
66)Fargetta – Midnight
67)Tennessee -Tell me
68)Real Mc Koy – Run away
69)Scooter – Move your ass
70)The Outhere Brothers – Boom boom boom
71)Bliss Team – U make me cry
72)X-Static – Move me up
73)Carol Bailey – I can’t make you love me
74)Molella – If you wanna party
75)Billie Ray Martin – Running around town
76)J.T. Company – Baby hold on
77)Celvin Rotane – I believe / Push me to the limit
78)G.e.m. – Quiero volar
79)Taleesa – Let me be / Burning up
80)Ronnie Money feat. Jeffrey Jey – Don’t you know
81)B.a.r. feat. Roxy – Come together
82)Gillette – Mr. Personality
83)Connie Nice – Dancing in the night
84)X-Form – Pleasure voyage
85)Carol Bailey – Fever
86)N-Trance – Electronic pleasure
87)Winx – Don’t laugh
88)Lies In A Box – You take my heart away
89)Quasimodo – Memories
90)Moby – Everytime you touch me
91)DJ Dero – La campana
92)Kadok – The nighttrain
93)Ramirez – Baraonda
94)Blyzart – This is the time
95)La Bouche – Fallin’in love
96)Caballero -Dancing with tears in my eyes
97)Asia – Happy to be
98)Real Joy – La danse d’Helene
99)Scooter – Endless summer
100)DJ Paul – Luv u more
101)Technohead – I wanna be a hippy
102)Virtualismo -Ludwigs generation
103)Dynamic Base – All of my life
104)Daisy Dee – Try me (headbone connected)
105)Crescendo -Are you there
106)R.o.d. -Free your soul
107)Fun Factory -I wanna be with you
108)New System – This is the night
109)Jamie Dee – So good
110)Mo-Do – Gema tanzen
111)Sunbeam – Love is paradise
112)A.d.a.m. feat. Amy – Memories and dreams
113)Scooter – Back in the UK
114)M.k.z.e. – Shining ray
115)Candy Girls feat. Sweet Pussy Pauline – Fee fi fo fum
116)Marvellous Melodicos – Over the rainbow
117)Gusto – Disco’s revenge
118)DJ Panda – It’s a dream
119)Orange Blue – Sunshine of my life
120)Black Box – A positive vibration
121)General Base – I see you
122)Mato Grosso – Moai
123)Fishbone Beat – We will fly
124)KMC feat. Dhany – Somebody to touch me
125)Dune – I can’t stop raving
126)Tony Di Bart – Why did ya