1 Missing (Todd Terry Rmx) Everything But The Girl
2 Me And You Alexia
3 Memories Netzwerk
4 Dancing with an angel Double You
5 3 is a family Dana Dawson
6 Find me / Angel Jam & Spoon
7 Space Cowboy (Rmx) Jamiroquai
8 Hideway De’Lacy
9 Cotton-eye Joe Rednex
10 Wrap me up Alex Party
11 2 Can play that game Bobby Brown
12 Baby baby Corona
13 The colour inside Tipical
14 1,2,3 (Train with me) Playahitty
15 Scatman John Scatman
16 Feel it (In the air) J.T. Company
17 Be my lover La Bouche
18 All I need is love Indiana
19 I luv u baby The Original
20 Dub I Dub Me And My
21 I’m a raver baby Sons Of Ilsa
22 Your loving arms Billie Ray Martin
23 Try me out Corona
24 So in love with you Duke
25 Shut up Sin With Sebastian
26 Nowhere land Club House feat. Carl
27 Lick it 20 Fingers
28 Infinity Datura & Usura
29 The bomb The Bucketheads
30 Take me back Da Blitz
31 Think of you Whigfield
32 Eternally Quadran
33 Stay’in alive N-Trance
34 Hold on to love Bliss Team
35 Don’t give me your life Alex Party
36 The first, the last, eternity Snap
37 Dreamer Livin’Joy
38 Zombie A.d.a.m. feat. Amy
39 Because I’m loving you Double You
40 Passion Netzwerk
41 Fly 2 Brothers on The 4th Floor
42 The power to move ya Ziggy Marley
43 Movin’on Da Blitz
44 I don’t wanna be a star Corona
45 Round and around Tipical
46 Shimmy shake 740 Boyz
47 Flying high Captain Hollywood Project
48 All by myself Club House feat. Carl
49 Everybody be somebody Ruffneck
50 Scatman’s world John Scatman
51 Bad boy Sandy
52 Another night Real Mc Koy
53 Tell me the way Cappella
54 I want you Po.Lo.
55 Wonder DJ Cerla & Moratto
56 Everyone has inside Gala
57 Feel my body Frank'”O” Moiraghi
58 Your brain is mine Human Groove
69 Come take my hand 2 Brothers on the 4th Floor
60 U sure do Strike
61 Clap clap Mauro Pilato e Max Monti
62 Angeli domini Datura
63 Let me be your fantasy Baby D.
64 Spaceman U.s.u.r.a.
65 This is the way E-Type
66 Midnight Fargetta
67 Tell me Tennessee
68 Run away Real Mc Koy
69 Move your ass Scooter
70 Boom boom boom The Outhere Brothers
71 U make me cry Bliss Team
72 Move me up X-Static
73 I can’t make you love me Carol Bailey
74 If you wanna party Molella
75 Running around town Billie Ray Martin
76 Baby hold on J.T. Company
77 I believe / Push me to the limit Celvin Rotane
78 Quiero volar G.e.m.
79 Let me be / Burning up Taleesa
80 Don’t you know Ronnie Money feat. Jeffrey Jey
81 Come together B.a.r. feat. Roxy
82 Mr. Personality Gillette
83 Dancing in the night Connie Nice
84 Pleasure voyage X-Form
85 Fever Carol Bailey
86 Electronic pleasure N-Trance
87 Don’t laugh Winx
88 You take my heart away Lies In A Box
89 Memories Quasimodo
90 Everytime you touch me Moby
91 La campana DJ Dero
92 The nighttrain Kadok
93 Baraonda Ramirez
94 This is the time Blyzart
95 Fallin’in love La Bouche
96 Dancing with tears in my eyes Caballero
97 Happy to be Asia
98 La danse d’Helene Real Joy
99 Endless summer Scooter
100 Luv u more DJ Paul
101 I wanna be a hippy Technohead
102 Ludwigs generation Virtualismo
103 All of my life Dynamic Base
104 Try me (headbone connected) Daisy Dee
105 Are you there Crescendo
106 Free your soul R.o.d.
107 I wanna be with you Fun Factory
108 This is the night New System
109 So good Jamie Dee
110 Gema tanzen Mo-Do
111 Love is paradise Sunbeam
112 Memories and dreams A.d.a.m. feat. Amy
113 Back in the UK Scooter
114 Shining ray M.k.z.e.
115 Fee fi fo fum Candy Girls feat. Sweet Pussy Pauline
116 Over the rainbow Marvellous Melodicos
117 Disco’s revenge Gusto
118 It’s a dream DJ Panda
119 Sunshine of my life Orange Blue
120 A positive vibration Black Box
121 I see you General Base
122 Moai Mato Grosso
123 We will fly Fishbone Beat
124 Somebody to touch me KMC feat. Dhany
125 I can’t stop raving Dune
126 Why did ya Tony Di Bart