1 Barbie Girl Aqua
2 Come into my life Gala
3 Ride on the rhythm Blackwood
4 Bailando Paradisio
5 Around the world Daft Punk
6 Free Ultranatè
7 Obsession Chase
8 Belo horizonti The Heartist
9 Wanna be like a man Simone Jay
10 Stay Sash!
11 Smack my bitch up Prodigy
12 Coming back DJ Dado
13 Hablame luna Basic Connection
14 Mr. Gorgeous Smoke City
15 My love for you Blackwood
16 Da ya think I’m sexy N-Trance
17 From disco: to disco Whirpool Productions
18 Spiller from Rio Laguna
19 Discohopping Clubbheads
20 Beachball Nalin & Kane
21 Disco fever Carl feat. Music Mind
22 Let a boy cry Gala
23 Hidden passion Tipical
24 It’s a real world Molella & Phil Jay
25 It’s like that Run DMC
26 Ooh la la la Alexia
27 Encore une fois Sash!
28 Vamos a la discoteca Paradisio
29 Oh la la la 2 Eivissa
30 Day by day Regina
31 Dream universe C.M.
32 Sweet dreams Sharon C
33 Musica electrica Alma Matrix
34 Stay with me Chase
35 First mission Ricky Le Roy
36 Bienvenue Celvin Rotane
37 The future B-One
38 Love is the power Devotional
39 What’s up daddy Skuba
40 Soilent green Dee Rex
41 Don’t speak Sangwara
42 The sign Datura
43 So in love with you Favilli feat. Dyonne
44 Laura non c’e’ (Rmx) Nek
45 Sensitive The Three Wonders
46 Another day Soundlovers
47 Time goes by Charlie Dore
48 Da funk Daft Punk
49 Midnight Simone Jay
50 Somebody Double You
51 Something goin’on Todd Terry
52 Great feelings Y.o.m.c.
53 Galaxia Moonman
54 Sunchyme Dario G.
55 Bellissima DJ Quicksilver
56 Now or never Kangie Sisters
57 Fly free Vestania
58 Music (an echo deep inside) Gigi D’Agostino
59 People Soundlovers
60 Falling in and out of love Bob Marley
61 Greece 2000 Three Drives On a Vinyl
62 No name Mario Più & R.a.f. by Picotto
63 I’m missing you Fabrica
64 Oh! What a life! Gloria Gaynor
65 Disco Rouge Disco Rouge
66 Mad desire Clutch
67 Dream in paradise Joy Salinas
68 They say it’s gonna rain Ellis Project
69 Night drum Visions feat. Dana
70 Tonight Presence
71 Mr. Fucker Hardea
72 Want to be Visions feat. Dana
73 Disco Blanc Disco Blanc
74 Singing Dama
75 Another holiday Playahitty
76 Do it right Puma
77 True love X-Static
78 Time after time Sharon C
79 Evviva a vida Sefe
80 Everytime we touch Fourteen
81 Dance around the world Rio
82 Clementine DJ Miko
83 Breathe Krono
84 Live for today Tipical
85 Make my day Birdy
86 Everybody must dance Jennifer
87 All my love (tout mon coeur) Alberto Zanni feat. Double M.
88 I am Blackwood
89 First light Moonman
90 Call me Le Click
91 Keep the fire burnin’ Future Breeze
92 Every life unfolds T-42
93 Gipsy Boy Sharada House Gang
94 Dunga! Dunga! Exp feat. Julia
95 Over the lonely Syrte
96 Street life KMC Feat. Dhany
97 Insomnia Faithless
98 Living in the night Blizzard
99 Neverending love Luna
100 Mr. Movin’ Fargetta
101 Typewriter Object One
102 Just come back to me Hypertrophy
103 Wave Sosa