L’ordine della seguente classifica è un mix tra i successi dell’epoca secondo i ricordi dell’autore del sito,
e i brani attualmente ricordati, quindi ballati, dalla gente comune.

(NB: Alcuni brani sono ascoltabili sulla playlist pubblica “Dance 2001” della mia pagina Spotify)


1)The Supermen Lovers – Starlight
2)Roger Sanchez – Another chance
3)D.B. Boulevard – Point of you
4)Planet Funk – Chase the sun
5)Kylie Minogue – Can’t get you out of my head
6)Praise Cats – Shined on me
7)Deepswing – In the music
8)Silicon Soul – Right on
9)Tiesto – Lethal industry
10)French Affair – Sexy
11)Part-T-One vs. Inxs – I’m so crazy
12)Erika – Relations
13)Naive – Looking 4 happiness
14)Paps’n’Skar – Get it on
15)E-Magic feat. Nancy – Go!
16)Felix Da Housecat – Silver screen shower scene
17)Jack Floyd – Move your feet
18)A.t.b. – Let u go
19)Iio – Rapture
20)Kylie Minogue – Love at first sight
21)Molella – Love lasts forever
22)Sono – Keep control
23)Different Gear vs. Sia – Drink to get drunk
24)King Africa – Salta
25)The Ones – Flawless
26)Lucrezia – Live to tell
27)Molella – Discotek people
28)Noelia – Candela
29)Mario Fargetta feat. Sara – I will rise again
30)Galleon – So, I begin
31)Airplay – The music is movin’
32)Fragma – You’re alive
33)A.t.c. – I’m in heaven
34)Luis Radio feat. Sabrina Johnston – House music
35)Safri-Duo – Samb-adagio
36)Mary J Blige – Family affair
37)Magic Box – For your love
38)Deal – Shine
39)Sophie Ellis-Bextor – Murder on the dancefloor
40)The Rivera Project – It’s a feeling now
41)Eiffel 65 – Back in time
42)Bamble B. – Coming through the light
43)Planet Funk – Inside all the people
44)Brooklyn Bounce – Born to bounce
45)Triba – Mama insegnami a ballar
46)Negrocan – Cadavez
47)Alcazar – Sexual guarantee
48)Royksopp – Remind me
49)Crw feat. Veronika – Precious life
50)Skuba – What’s up daddy?
51)Floorfilla – Anthem #5
52)Lady Violet – Calling your name
53)Mabel – Don’t let me down
54)Sms – La vie c’est fantastique
55)Soundlovers – Living in your head
56)Jimmy Gomma – One more time
57)Molella – Genik
58)A.t.c. – Why or why
59)Pasta Boys feat. Casa Nostra – Okydoky
60)Fragma – Say that you’re here
61)Five – Let’s dance
62)Carolina Marquez – Discomani
63)D.J. Herbie – King of rock
64)Daft Punk – Face to face
65)The Underdog Project – Summer jam
66)Erika – Save my heart
67)Carolina Marquez – Ritmo
68)Billyweb feat. Chris Willis – Supersonic
69)Chicco Secci & Robbie Rivera – Let’s get together
70)Drummers Of Love – Drums of love
71)Carolina Marquez – Bisex alarm
72)Budget – Just for fun
73)Paolo V-Traxx Verlanzi – Disc-Jockey
74)F.o.m. – Stay