(NB: Alcuni brani sono ascoltabili sulla playlist pubblica “Italo Disco ’80” della mia pagina Spotify)


Airplay – For your love
Albert One – Heart on fire
Albert One – For your love
Albert One – Turbo diesel
Albert One – Secrets
Alyne – Over the sky
Baby’s Gang – Happy song
Bad Boys Blue – Come back and stay
Baltimora – Juke Box Boy
Baltimora – Tarzan boy
Baltimora – Woody boogie
Bolero – I wish
Brand Image – Are you loving?
Brand Image – Love in a summer night
Brian Ice – Talking to the night
Carrara – Shine on dance
C.C. Catch – Straingers by the night
Clio – Eyes
Company B. – Fascinated
Crysalis – I never dance
Cube – Two heads are better than one
Data – Living inside me
Den Harrow – A taste of love
Den Harrow – Catch the fox
Den Harrow – Don’t break my heart
Den Harrow – Future brain
Den Harrow – Mad desire
Digital Emotion – Don’t stop the motion
Eddy Huntington – U.s.s.r.
Eddy Huntington – Up & Down
Fake – Donna rouge
Fancy – Bolero
Fancy – Lady of ice
Fancy – Slive me nice
Fun Fun – Baila bolero
Fun Fun – Color my love
Fun Fun – Happy station
Gary Low – I want you
Gary Low – La colegiale
Gary Low – You are a danger
Gazebo – I like Chopin
Gazebo – Lunatic
Gazebo – Masterpiece
Gaz Nevada – I.C. Love Affair
Grant Miller – Colder than ice
Hypnosis – Pulstar
Iudy – The island of the sun
Ivana Spagna – Call me
Ivana Spagna – Easy lady
Joe Yellow – Take my heart
Kano – Another life
Kano – I’m ready
Kostas Charitodiplomenos – Lost in the night
Krisma – Many kisses
La Bionda – I wanna be your lover
Martinelli – Cenerentola
Martinelli – Voice (In the night)
Mention – Strange world
M&G – When I let you down
Miko Mission – How old are you
Moon Ray – Comanchero
Moses – We just
My Mine – Hypnotic tango
Novecento – The only one
Novecento – Movin’on
P. Lion – Dream
P. Lion – Happy children
Radiorama – Chace to desire
Radiorama – Desire
Raf – Self control
Roni Griffith – (The best part of) Breakin’up
Rose – Magic carillon
Ryan Paris – La dolce vita
Sabrina – Boys (Summertime love)
Sandy Marton – Camel by camel
Sandy Marton – Exotic and erotic
Sandy Marton – People from Ibiza
Savage – Don’t cry tonight
Savage – Only you
Scotch – Delirio mind
Scotch – Disco band
Scotch – Mirage
Silent Circle – Touch in the night
Sinitta – Toy boy
Steve Allen – Letter from my heart
Styloo – Pretty face
Taffy – I love my radio
The Creatures – Believe in yourself
The Creatures – Maybe one day
The Flirts – Passion
The Flirts – Helpless (You took my love)
The Rah Band – Electric fling
Topo & Roby – Under the ice
Tracy Spencer – Run to me
Valerie Dore – Get closer
Valerie Dore – King Arthur
Valerie Dore – Lancelot
Valerie Dore – The night
Wish Key – Last summer
Wish Key – Orient express