L’ordine della seguente classifica è un mix tra i successi dell’epoca secondo i ricordi dell’autore del sito,
e i brani attualmente ricordati dalla gente comune
NB: Alcuni brani sono ascoltabili sulla playlist pubblica “Dance 1994”
della mia pagina Spotify. Cerca “Federico Stella” e diventa follower


1)Corona – The rhythm of the night
2)La Bouche – Sweet dreams
3)Marie Claire D’Ubaldo – The rhythm is magic
4)Ice Mc – Think about the way
5)Whigfield – Saturday night
6)Playahitty – The summer is magic
7)Cappella – Move on baby
8)Jam & Spoon – Right in the night
9)Mo-Do – Eins, zwei, polizei
10)2 Brothers On The 4th Floor – Dreams (Will come alive)
11)Ace Of Base – The sign
12)Le Click – Tonight is the night
13)Ice Mc – It’s a rainy day
14)Dr. Einstein Deejay – Automatic Sex
15)Paraje – Animalaction
16)Centory – Point of no return
17)2 Brothers On The 4th Floor – Never alone
18)Digital Boy feat. Asia – The mountain of king
19)Fargetta – This time (sexy night)
20)Whigfield – Another day
21)Cappella – U got to let the music
22)Mauro Pilato & Max Monti – Gam Gam
23)Afrika Bambataa – Pupunanny
24)Da Blitz – Stay with me
25)Caballero – Hymn
26)The Outhere Brothers – Pass the toilet paper
27)Real 2 Real – I like to move it
28)Aladino – Brothers in the space
29)20 Fingers – Short dick man
30)Molella – Change
31)Datura – Fade to grey
32)Maxx – Get a way
33)Blast – Crazy man
34)Moratto – La pastilla del fuego
35)Amos – Only saw today
36)Ramirez – Bomba
37)Da Blitz – Let me be
38)Cappella – U & Me
39)Silvia Coleman – Take my breath away
40)New Atlantic – Sunshine after the rain
41)Cappella – Move it up
42)U.s.u.r.a. – Drive me crazy
43)Dr. Einstein Deejay – Elektro Woman
44)Lies In A Box – I wish you
45)Alter Ego feat. Daisy Dee – Dance (if you can not)
46)Giorgio Prezioso – Get on up
47)Marusha – Somewhere over the rainbow
48)G.e.m. – Yo te siento asì
49)Tony Di Bart – The real thing
50)2 Brothers On The 4th Floor – Let me be free
51)Ava & Stone – All aboard
52)Jinny -One more time
53)Systematic – Love is the answer
54)Dr. Alban – Look who’s talking
55)Carol Bailey – Feel it
56)2 Unlimited – The real thing
57)Outhere Brothers – Don’t stop
58)2 Unlimited – Let the beat control your body
59)Systematic – U got to let the music
60)Kina – Strange love
61)Fun Factory – Close to you (Rmx)
62)Ava & Stone – Bye bye baby
63)Club House feat. Carl – Light my fire
64)Moratto – La fuerza pagana
65)Bjork – Big time sensuality
66)Atlantic Ocean – Waterfall
67)Datura – The 7th allucination
68)Anticappella – Move your body
69)Snap – Welcome to tomorrow
70)Livin’Joy – Dreamer
71)Scooter – Hyper hyper
72)Baffa – Rush to the moon
73)Bass Bumpers – Good fun
74)C.B. Milton – It’s a loving thing
75)Doop -Doop
76)Nevada – Take me to heaven
77)David Morales – In the ghetto
78)Atlantic Ocean – Body in motion
79)Baffa – Somebody to love
80)Double You – Run to me
81)Bliss Team – Go!
82)Urban Cookie Collective – Sail away
83)No Name – Promise
84)Maxx – No more (I can’t stand it)
85)DJ H Feat. Stefy – My body
86)Jo Smith – It’s all right
87)C.B. Milton – Hold on
88)Digital Boy – Dig it all beat!
89)Quasimodo – All I want is you
90)Black & White – Do you know
91)La Fortuna – Why can’t you see
92)Antares – Ride on a meteorite
93)Orange Blue – If you wanna be (my only)
94)Jamie Dee – Don’t be shy
95)Glam feat. Pete Burns – Sex drive
96)Humanize – Take me to your heart
97)Centory – Take it to the limit
98)Antares – You belong to me
99)Paganini – When I fall in love
100)Taleesa – I found luv
101)J.K. – You make me feel good
102)Marvellous Melodicos – Sing, oh
103)B.G. The Prince of Rap – The colour of my dreams
104)Fourteen 14 – Don’t leave me
105)Tony Di Bart – Do it
106)Mato Grosso – Pyramid
107)JX – Son of a gun
108)The Purple Kings – That’s the way you do it
109)J.T. Company – Wet
110)Autori Vari – Deejay Song For You
111)Giorgio Prezioso – Anybody, Anyway
112)Silvia Coleman – All around the world
113)Spagna – Lady Madonna
114)The Outhere Brothers – La la la hey hey
115)Mato Grosso – Mistery
116)Pharao – I show you secrets
117)J.T. Company – Live my life
118)N-Trance – Set you free
119)2 In A Room – El trago
120)Fishbone Beat – Save the planet

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