L’ordine della seguente classifica è un mix tra i successi dell’epoca secondo i ricordi dell’autore del sito,
e i brani attualmente ricordati dalla gente comune

NB: Alcuni brani sono ascoltabili sulla playlist pubblica “Dance 1996”
della mia pagina Spotify. Cerca “Federico Stella” e diventa follower

1)Robert Miles – Children / Fable
2)Gala – Free from desire
3)Alexia – Summer is crazy
4)Sandy B. – Make the world go round
5)Tori Amos – Professional widow (Rmx)
6)Livin’Joy – Don’t stop movin’
7)Underworld – Born slippy
8)D’Agostino Planet – Fly
9)Tipical – It hurts
10)49 Ers – Baby, I’m yours
11)Mario Più – Mas experience
12)DJ Dado – Metropolis
13)Datura – Mantra
14)R.a.f. By Picotto – Bakerloo symphony
15)R.a.f. By Picotto & Gigi D’Agostino – Angel’s symphony
16)Bobby Flexter – Profondo rosso
17)2 Fabiola – Play this song
18)Datura feat. Billie Ray Martin – Mystic Motion
19)B.B.E. – Seven days and one week
20)Gina G. – Ooh aah…just a little bit
21)Alexia – Number one
22)Garden Eden – Lemon tree
23)Cupido – Historias de amor
24)T-Move Experience – Running in the real time
25)Robert Miles – One and one
26)Roland Brant – Moon’s waterfalls
27)Regina – Killing me softly
28)Molella – See the difference
29)Ice Mc – Give me the light
30)Double Vision – Knockin
31)Tiny Tot – Discoland
32)Gigi D’Agostino – Gigi’s Violin
33)E-Levern feat. Mr. Fudo – Fabula
34)Todd Terry – Keep on jumpin’
35)Full Intention – America
36)Boris Dlugosh – Keep pushin’
37)Kaddok – The night train
38)Bob Marley – What goes around comes around
39)Bliss Team – Love is forever
40)Mr. President – Cocoo Jamboo
41)Livin’Joy – Follow the rules
42)BS Project feat. Eilenia Denis – Heartbeats
43)The Alternative Creation – Sound creation
44)DJ Dado – X-Files
45)Boy George – Love is leaving
46)Antico – Dreamer / Moment
47)Grooveman – Insomniak
48)O.s.c.a.r. – Voyage Voyage
49)Ondina – Into the night
50)Rexanthony – Polaris dream
51)DJ Panda – My dimension
52)DJ Dado – Revenge
53)Mario Più – Dedicated
54)Interfront – Strange
55)R.a.f. By Picotto – Ocean whispers
56)Lady Gee – The game is over
57)Chicane – Offshore
58)O.c.p. – Cosmo
59)Skipper – Struggle for pleasure
60)Everything But The Girl – Wrong
61)Red 5 – Da beat goes
62)Gigi D’Agostino – Noisemaker theme
63)Tipical – Why me
64)Taleesa – Falling in love
65)No Mercy – Where do you go?
66)Gigi D’Agostino – Elektro message
67)Frank Vanoli – After dark
68)Roland Brant – Hyperspace
69)Fargetta – The beat of green
70)Emmanuel Top – Acid phase
71)Histeric Ego – Want love
72)Da Blitz – I believe
73)M.u.t.e. – Clap on top of me
74)Tanya Louise – Lovely day
75)Siren – Sex alarm
76)J Brothers – Move it up
77)Trinity – The truth
78)Divine Dance Experience – To the rhythm
79)Tanya Louise – Deep in you
80)Clutch – Don’t worry
81)Nausikaa – Light my fire
82)Adam 6 – Keo
83)Quadran – Free your mind
84)Matteo Epis – Il ritmo progressivo
85)Candy Girls – Wham bam
86)Solar – Dance on a cloud
87)Soundlovers – Run-away
88)Alex Remark – Nephertity
89)JX – There’s nothing I won’t do
90)Glam – U got me thinkin’
91)Playahitty – I love the sun
92)Alex Party – Read my lips
93)Saccoman – Sunshine dance
94)Phina – Ironic
95)Nomansland – Seven seconds
96)Walshe & Fingers – Give me some love
97)Sunbeam – Arms of heaven
98)Andrea Visconti – Steel
99)Babyra Soul – I belong to you
100)E-Levern feat. Mr. Fudo – Historia
101)Bismark – Double pleasure
102)John Robinson – Everybody’s loving
103)Young Power – The progressive theme
104)Dana Dawson – Show me
105)Disco Blu – Disco blu
106)Rupaul – Snapshot
107)Der Hammer – Folletti
108)Hanky Panky – Hanky Panky
109)5AM – Heaven
110)Zhi-Vago – Celebrate (The love)
111)Da Blitz – To live forever
112)Trancesetters – The search
113)Mato Grosso – Destiny
114)D&G – Music
115)Datura – Voo-doo believe?
116)Leon Klein – Give yourself to me
117)Clone – La cinta rosa
118)Havana – I can’t stay away from you
119)Nostradamus – L’ultima profezia
120)The Masters – The master
121)Cappella – I need your love
122)Critical Distance – Universe key
123)Happy Man – Love is you
124)Prezioso – Feel the rhythm
125)The Spy – Persuaders theme
126)Nylon Moon – Sky plus
127)Confideance – It’s magic away
128)The Groovers – Ride on the power
129)Smoke – Smoke
130)Rob’s Project – Lovin’you
131)Kadoc – Night train
132)Natural Born Groove – Universal love
133)Activa – I try
134)Robert DD Wakan – Wakan
135)Lisa Maria Experience – Keep on jumpin’
136)Prodigy – Firestarter
137)Reel 2 Real – Are you ready for some more
138)No Gravity – First man on the moon
139)Nylon Moon – Heartage
140)Djamin – Fever
141)Full Intention – Uptown downtown
142)Shauna Davis – Get away
143)D.J. Energy – Believer
144)Michael Jackson – Stranger in Moscow (Rmx)
145)D.J. Ablaze – Based on acid
146)Peach – On my own
147)740 Boyz – Party over here
148)Barcellona 2000 – Guitarra del cielo
149)C.J. Bolland – Sugar daddy (Sugar is sweeter)
150)Bodylotion – Always hardcore
151)Rosie Gaines – Closer than close


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