L’ordine della seguente classifica è un mix tra i successi dell’epoca secondo i ricordi dell’autore del sito,
e i brani attualmente ricordati, quindi ballati, dalla gente comune.

NB: Alcuni brani sono ascoltabili sulla playlist pubblica “Dance 1991
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1)Crystal Waters – Gypsy woman
2)Joy Salinas – Rockin’romance
3)Fpi Project – Everybody (All over the world)
4)Milli Vanilli – Keep on running
5)Banderas – This is your life
6)Black Machine – How Gee
7)Enigma – Sadeness part I
8)Antico – We need freedom
9)D.J. Professor & Francesco Zappalà – We gotta do it
10)Stefano Secchi feat. Orlando Johnson – Keep on jammin’
11)49 Ers – Move your feet
12)Lonnie Gordon – Gonna catch you
13)Vanilla Ice – Ice ice baby
14)Rozalla – Everybody’s free
15)L.A. Style – James Brown Is Dead
16)Cathy Dennis – Touch me
17)Cola Boys – 7 Ways to love
18)C + C Music Factory – Gonna make you sweat (Everybody dance now)
19)P.K.A. – Let me hear you say yeah
20)Brothers in rhythm – Such a good feeling
21)Speedy J – Pull Over
22)D.J. Molella – Revolution
23)Rozalla – Faith (In the power of love)
24)Snap – The colour of love
25)Game Boys – Tetris
26)Ce Ce Peniston – Finally
27)T99 – Anasthasia
28)Afrika Bambataa – Just get up and dance
29)DJ H. Feat Stefy – Move your love
30)DSK – What would we do
31)Fpi Project – Let’s go
32)Crystal Waters – Makin’happy
33)Albertino feat. David Syon – Your love is crazy
34)Cool Jack – Just come
35)Frankie Knuckles – The whistle song
36)Heavy D and the Boyz – Now what we found love
37)D.J. H feat. Stefy – I like it
38)D.J. Pc – Inssomniak
39)Mig 29 – Mig 29


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DANCE 1990


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