L’ordine della seguente classifica è un mix tra i successi dell’epoca secondo i ricordi dell’autore del sito,
e i brani attualmente ricordati, quindi ballati, dalla gente comune.

NB: Alcuni brani sono ascoltabili sulla playlist pubblica “Dance 1997
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1)Aqua – Barbie Girl
2)Gala – Come into my life
3)Blackwood – Ride on the rhythm
4)Paradisio – Bailando
5)Daft Punk – Around the world
6)Ultranatè – Free
7)Chase – Obsession
8)The Heartist – Belo Horizonti
9)Simone Jay – Wanna b like a man
10)Sash! feat. La Trec – Stay
11)Prodigy – Smack my bitch up
12)D.J. Dado – Coming back
13)Basic Connection – Hablame luna
14)Smoke City – Mr. Gorgeous
15)Blackwood – My love for you
16)N-Trance – Da ya think I’m sexy
17)Whirpool Productions – From:disco To:disco
18)Laguna – Spiller from Rio
19)Clubbheads – Discohopping
20)Nalin & Kane – Beachball
21)Carl feat. Music Mind – Disco fever
22)Gala – Let a boy cry
23)Ti.pi.Cal. feat. Kimara Lawson – Hidden passion
24)Molella & Phil Jay – It’s a real world
25)Run DMC – It’s like that
26)Alexia – Uh la la la
27)Sash! feat. Sabine Ohmes – Encore une fois
28)Paradisio – Vamos a la discoteca
29)2 Eivissa – Oh la la la
30)Regina – Day by day
31)C.M. – Dream universe
32)Sharon C – Sweet dreams
33)Alma Matris – Musica electrica
34)Chase – Stay with me
35)Ricky Le Roy – First mission
36)Celvin Rotane – Bienvenue
37)B-One – The future
38)Devotional – Love is the power
39)Skuba – What’s up daddy
40)Dee Rex – Soilent green
41)Sangwara – Don’t speak
42)Datura – The sign
43)Favilli feat. Dyonne – So in love with you
44)Nek – Laura non c’e’ (Rmx)
45)Sensitive – The three wonders
46)The Soundlovers – Another day
47)Charlie Dore – Time goes by
48)Daft Punk – Da funk
49)Simone Jay – Midnight
50)Double You – Somebody
51)Todd Terry feat. Martha Wash & Jocelyn Brown – Something goin’on
52)Y.o.m.c. – Great feelings
53)Moonman – Galaxia
54)Dario G. – Sunchyme
55)D.J. Quicksilver – Bellissima
56)Kangie Sisters – Now or never
57)Vestania – Fly free
58)Gigi D’Agostino – Music (An echo deep inside)
59)The Soundlovers – People
60)Bob Marley – Falling in and out of love
61)Three Drives On a Vinyl – Greece 2000
62)Mario Più & Mauro Picotto – No name
63)Fabrica – I’m missing you
64)Gloria Gaynor – Oh! What a life!
65)Disco Rouge – Disco Rouge
66)Clutch – Mad desire
67)Joy Salinas – Dream in paradise
68)Ellis Project – They say it’s gonna rain
69)Visions feat. Dana – Night drum
70)Presence – Tonight
71)Hardea – Mr. Fucker
72)Visions feat. Dana – Want you be
73)Disco Blanc – Disco Blanc
74)Ti.Pi.Cal. feat. Kimara Lawson – Live for today
75)Blackwood – I am
76)Puma – Do it right
77)X-Static – True love
78)Sharon C – Time after time
79)Sefe – Evviva a vida
80)Fourteen 14 – Everytime we touch
81)Rio – Dance around the world
82)D.J. Miko – Clementine
83)Krono – Breathe
84)Dama – Singing
85)Birdy – Make my day
86)Jennifer – Everybody must dance
87)Alberto Zanni feat. Double M. – All my love (Tout mon coeur)
88)Sosa – Wave
89)Moonman – First light
90)Le Click – Call me
91)Future Breeze – Keep the fire burnin’
92)T42 – Every life unfolds
93)Sharada House Gang – Gipsy boy
94)Exp feat. Julia – Dunga! Dunga!
95)Syrte – Over the lonely
96)KMC feat. Dhany – Street life
97)Faithless – Insomnia
98)Blizzard – Living in the night
99)Luna – Neverending love
100)Hypertrophy – Just come back to me
101)Object One – Typewriter
102)Fargetta – Mr. Movin’
103)Playahitty – Another holiday
104)B.b.e. – Flash
105)Jimmy Cliff – Breakout (Rmx)
106)Rithmo – The night
107)Minni Jay – Music vibration
108)Djamin & D Jaybee feat. Rose – Fever (Boris Dlugosh Rmx)
109)Byron Stingly – Get up
110)Future Breeze – Why don’t you dance with me
111)Daze – Tamagotchi
112)Skanky – Where’s my money
113)C.y.b. – I love you darling
114)La Fuertezza – 2 The night
115)M.u.t.e. – She loves me
116)Juice T – Love you for life
117)Prezioso – Raise your power
118)Nuyorikan Soul – Runaway
119)Apollo 440 – Ain’t talkin’bout dub
120)Object One – Ping pong
121)Armand Van Helden – The funk phenomena
122)Jamiroquai – Alright (Rmx)
123)Alex Party – Simple things
124)Dos Amigos – Los mambo
125)Sacred Spirit – Legends
126)Intrallazzi – In the mix
127)Tin Tin Out – Dance with me
128)Full Intention – Shake your body
129)Carl feat. Music Mind – Celebration
130)Corona – The power of love
131)Gigi D’Agostino – Gin lemon
132)Gina G. – Gimme me some love
133)La Bouche – You won’t forget me
134)Da Blitz – The light of love
135)Clubhands – Live your life
136)Luna – You and I
137)Sash! feat. Rodriguez – Ecuador
138)The Presence – Tonight
139)Whigfield – No tears to cry
140)Amya – Here in paradise
141)J.K. Lloyd & Alex Remark feat. Idha – The event
142)Delis – Neverending love

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